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Post surgery Lymphatic Drainage

Did you know that lymphatic drainage, has the ability to hasten healing and reduce recovery time in half. And is basically a fantastic way to recover from surgery?

Here are some of the things that you will notice when you implement Lymphatic Drainage post surgery:

Aids in removing bruising; reduces swelling; eases post-operative pain; hastens the healing process; aids in regaining local sensitivity; and prevents fibroses.

The Lymphatic Drainage method helps to increase blood circulation, which speeds up the healing process by allowing new nutrients and oxygen to reach the injured area more quickly.

Following aesthetic treatments like liposuction and abdominoplasty, lymphatic drainage is advised to prevent the accumulation of cells and fibroses in the abdominal region.

After surgery, the patient must wait for the surgeon's approval before starting Lymphatic Drainage therapy, which typically takes about a week.

The best time to contact me if you are having surgery is *BEFORE* the procedure.

Why? Booking your post-surgery sessions as soon as possible is advised because my schedule fills up rapidly.

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