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Lets talk Lipedema !

Lipedema is sometimes referred to as the "painful fat disorder" is NOT obesity, it is a adipose tissue disease associated with the lymphatic system with most patients with disproportionate upper body(smaller) and lower body (larger).

Lipedema is a genetic inherited loose connective tissue disorder which causes abnormal fat, inflammation, and fibrosis (scarring) to be deposited symmetrically

- usually in the waist to knees area, but occasionally in arms and calves as well - AND IT DOES NOT RESPOND TO DIET OR EXERCISE in the way normal fat (adipose) does. It is driven by hormones like estrogen and progesterone, so women and those with high levels of these hormones (intersex and non binary people) are affected in much larger proportions than men or those with less of these hormones. It affects up to 11% of women!

It gets worse at times of puberty, pregnancy/childbirth, menopause,etc.

In its early stages, lipedema can be managed - and progression slowed or prevented - by self-care techniques including compression garments, healthy nutrition, exercise, manual lymphatic drainage and other modalities.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is a gentle rhythmic massage that follows the direction of lymph flow and can reduce swelling immediately.This helps relieve pain and prevent fibrosis.

For lipedema, MLD may be effective as a weekly treatment.

Do you have Lipedema ? Book your Lymphatic Drainage massage with me.

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